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Nedjelja, 21. rujna 2014.
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Asterix i 12 zadataka

Četvrtak, 22 ožujka 2012 09:54

Julije Cezar više na zna kako bi pobjedio galsko selo te se pokušava nagoditi sa njima.

Ukoliko stanovnici sela uspiju savladati 12 zadataka koje im on postavi on sa svojom vojskom odlazi,a ako ne uspiju savladati zadatke predat će mu selo.

Julije Cezar boji se da vjerojatno nikada neće uspjeti pobijediti selo u kojem žive Asterix i njegovi prijatelji. Sine mu ideja da bi se s Galima mogao nagoditi.

Cezar im odluči postaviti ultimatum, ako uspiju riješiti 12 zadataka koje on odabere, predat će Rimsko Carstvo u njihove ruke, a ako ne uspiju, moraju se predati te njihovo galsko selo dati Cezaru.


Asterix - Asterix i 12 zadataka

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TV program - Dječji

  • 07:56 Kids & Pets08:01 Birthday Series08:04 Paint me a Story08:09 First baby songs08:11 Hippa Hippa Hey08:18 Lily & Pepper08:23 Happy to Be Baby Album08:25 Maya and Yaya08:30 Mr. Snail08:35 First baby songs08:36 Big Bugs Band08:42 Kenny and Goorie Meet Friends08:47 1,2,3 Tell a story08:53 Popiz08:58 Let's Dance08:59 Charlie and the Numbers09:05 Bim&Bam09:11 Birthday Series09:14 Baby giants09:20 First baby songs09:21 Cuddlies09:28 Stick with Mick09:33 Walter & Dude09:38 Tiny Beats09:43 First baby songs09:45 Tulli09:48 Tipa Tupa09:54 Jammers10:00 Crafty Rafty10:04 In the Giggle Park10:09 Hippa Hippa Hey10:17 First baby songs10:19 Oliver10:25 Small Talk10:28 Baby art10:33 Birthday Clips10:35 Paint me a Story10:39 Billy Bam Bam10:46 Play Time10:51 First baby songs10:52 Hungry Henry10:58 First baby songs11:00 Baby Hood11:05 Mitch Match11:10 Let's Dance11:12 Draco11:16 Who's it? What's it 2?11:22 Happy to Be Baby Album11:23 Tricky Tracks11:30 Mr. Snail11:35 First baby songs11:36 Big Bugs Band11:41 Kenny and Goorie Meet Friends11:47 1,2,3 Tell a story11:52 Popiz11:57 Let's Dance11:59 Charlie and the Numbers12:05 Bim&Bam12:09 Birthday Series12:13 Baby giants12:19 First baby songs12:20 Cuddlies12:26 Stick with Mick12:31 Walter & Dude12:37 Tiny Beats12:42 First baby songs12:43 Tulli12:46 Tipa Tupa12:52 Jammers12:56 First baby songs12:58 Crafty Rafty13:03 In the Giggle Park13:08 Hippa Hippa Hey13:15 First baby songs13:17 Oliver13:22 Small Talk13:25 First baby songs13:26 Baby art13:32 Birthday Clips13:33 Paint me a Story13:38 Billy Bam Bam13:45 First baby songs13:47 Play Time13:52 First baby songs13:53 Hungry Henry13:59 First baby songs14:01 Baby Hood14:06 Mitch Match14:11 Let's Dance14:16 Who's it? What's it 2?14:22 Happy to Be Baby Album14:23 Tricky Tracks14:30 Mr. Snail14:35 First baby songs14:36 Big Bugs Band14:42 Kenny and Goorie Meet Friends14:47 1,2,3 Tell a story14:52 Popiz14:58 Let's Dance14:59 Charlie and the Numbers15:06 Bim&Bam15:11 Birthday Series15:14 Baby giants15:20 First baby songs15:21 Cuddlies15:28 Stick with Mick15:33 Walter & Dude15:37 Tiny Beats15:43 First baby songs15:45 Tulli15:48 Tipa Tupa15:54 Jammers16:00 Crafty Rafty16:04 In the Giggle Park16:09 Hippa Hippa Hey16:17 First baby songs16:18 Oliver16:25 Small Talk16:28 Baby art16:33 Birthday Clips16:35 Paint me a Story16:40 Billy Bam Bam16:46 Play Time16:51 First baby songs16:52 Hungry Henry16:58 First baby songs17:00 Baby Hood17:05 Mitch Match17:10 Let's Dance17:11 Draco17:15 Who's it? What's it 2?17:22 Happy to Be Baby Album17:23 Tricky Tracks17:30 Charlie and the Numbers17:37 Walter & Dude17:43 Pim & Pimba17:48 First baby songs17:50 Baby Farmer17:55 Nico & Bianca18:00 Hungry Henry18:07 First baby songs18:08 Oliver18:14 Snowies18:20 First baby songs18:22 Mr. Snail18:27 Birthday Clips18:28 Baby Hood18:33 Draco18:38 First baby songs18:40 Egg Birds18:45 First baby songs18:52 First baby songs18:53 Billy Bam Bam19:00 Stick with Mick19:06 Small Talk19:08 Popiz19:14 Big Bugs Band19:18 Cuddlies19:25 First baby songs19:27 Kids & Pets19:31 Birthday Series19:34 Paint me a Story19:38 First baby songs19:41 Hippa Hippa Hey19:48 Lily & Pepper19:53 Happy to Be Baby Album19:55 Maya and Yaya

  • 06:00 JESSIE06:20 Mako Mermaids06:45 Liv And Maddie07:05 I Didn't Do It07:30 DOG WITH A BLOG07:55 Austin & Ally08:15 Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch, A baby dragon gets loose in Greendale.08:40 Zapped10:15 Dog with a Blog10:35 JESSIE11:00 JESSIE11:25 I Didn't Do It11:45 I Didn't Do It12:10 Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch, A baby dragon gets loose in Greendale.12:35 Mako Mermaids13:00 Dog with a Blog13:25 Dog with a Blog13:50 Austin & Ally14:10 Austin & Ally14:35 Liv And Maddie15:00 Liv And Maddie15:20 Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch15:45 Dog with a Blog16:10 Dog with a Blog16:30 WOLFBLOOD16:55 WolfBlood17:20 WolfBlood17:40 WolfBlood18:05 WolfBlood18:30 WolfBlood18:50 WolfBlood19:15 Jessie19:40 Jessie20:00 GOOD LUCK CHARLIE20:25 A.N.T. Farm20:50 SHAKE IT UP21:10 WolfBlood21:35 WolfBlood22:00 Violetta22:45 THE HIVE22:50 ART ATTACK23:15 ART ATTACK23:40 JUNGLE JUNCTION23:50 JUNGLE JUNCTION00:05 JUNGLE JUNCTION00:15 JUNGLE JUNCTION00:30 Violetta01:15 THE HIVE01:20 ART ATTACK01:45 ART ATTACK02:10 JUNGLE JUNCTION02:20 JUNGLE JUNCTION02:35 JUNGLE JUNCTION02:45 JUNGLE JUNCTION03:00 ART ATTACK03:25 ART ATTACK03:50 Mouk04:00 Austin & Ally04:25 A.N.T. Farm04:45 Mako Mermaids05:10 SUITE LIFE ON DECK05:35 GOOD LUCK CHARLIE06:00 Freaky Friday

  • 06:00 Paddington Bear, Paddington's Sticky Situation06:25 Krypto: The Super Dog, The Dog-Gone Kevin/Dark Hound Strikes!06:50 MUH und MÄH - Boomerang Bauernhof-Geschichten, Buzz, Buzz, Buzz - Bee Research07:10 A Pup Named Scooby-Doo, Wrestle Maniacs07:35 Baby Looney Tunes, Takers Keepers/To Tell The Tooth08:00 The Tom and Jerry Show, Tom-Foolery08:15 LazyTown, The First Day of Summer08:45 The Looney Tunes09:10 Krypto: The Super Dog, The Dog-Gone Kevin/Dark Hound Strikes!09:40 Cartoonito Tales, The Lonely Giant09:55 MUH und MÄH - Boomerang Bauernhof-Geschichten, Buzz, Buzz, Buzz - Bee Research10:15 Tom & Jerry Kids10:35 The Garfield Show, Detective Odie/Stealing Home11:00 Pink Panther and Pals, Pink is in the Mail, The/Aard Fu11:20 Baby Looney Tunes, Daffy Did It!/Pig Who Cried Woof11:40 Tom and Jerry Tales, Cat Nebula/Martian Mice12:00 Krypto: The Super Dog, The Dog-Gone Kevin/Dark Hound Strikes!12:25 Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries, Keep Your Pantheon/London Broiled12:50 The Tom & Jerry Show, Sleep Disorder/Tom's In-Tents Adventure13:15 The Garfield Show, Fitness Crazed/My Friend, Nermal13:40 Animaniacs14:05 Tom & Jerry Kids14:30 Scooby Doo Meets The Boo Brothers, Prod Year 198716:15 Looney Tunes, Shell-Shocked Egg, The/Life with Feathers16:30 Tom & Jerry Tales17:05 Scooby Doo Where Are You!, Mine Your Own Business17:35 The Tom & Jerry Show, Cat Nippy/Ghost of a Chance18:00 The Garfield Hour, Mother Garfield/Odie in Love/Turkey Trouble/Catnap19:00 Tom & Jerry19:25 Pink Panther and Pals, Anti-Ant Trance/Shorely Pink19:45 Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries, Keep Your Pantheon/London Broiled20:10 Animaniacs20:35 Tom & Jerry Kids, My Pal/Prehistoric Pals/Marvelous Marvin21:00 Paddington Bear, Paddington's Sticky Situation21:25 Krypto: The Super Dog, The Dog-Gone Kevin/Dark Hound Strikes!21:50 MUH und MÄH - Boomerang Bauernhof-Geschichten, Buzz, Buzz, Buzz - Bee Research22:10 A Pup Named Scooby-Doo, Wrestle Maniacs22:35 Baby Looney Tunes, Shadow of a Doubt/Bruce Bunny/Christmas In July23:05 The Tom and Jerry Show, Tom-Foolery23:15 Tom & Jerry Tales23:25 LazyTown, The LazyCup23:50 The Looney Tunes00:15 Krypto: The Super Dog, My Pet Boy/Dem Bones00:40 Cartoonito Tales, Hansel and Gretel00:55 MUH und MÄH - Boomerang Bauernhof-Geschichten, Visiting A Duchess01:15 Tom & Jerry Kids01:35 The Garfield Show, True Colors/Love & Lasagna02:00 Pink Panther and Pals, Pinkazoic Era/Pinkaroni Pizza/Find Your Own Ant02:20 Baby Looney Tunes, Magic of Spring, The/New Cat In Town02:40 Tom & Jerry Tales, Martian Mice/Spaced Out Cat/Beach Bully Bingo03:00 Krypto: The Super Dog, My Pet Boy/Dem Bones03:25 Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries, They Call Me Mr. Lincoln/Froggone It03:45 The Tom & Jerry Show, Holed Up/One of a Kind04:05 Tom and Jerry Tales, Jungle Love04:15 The Garfield Show, True Colors/Love & Lasagna04:40 Animaniacs, Wally Llama/Where Rodents Dare05:05 Tom & Jerry Kids05:25 LazyTown, Welcome to LazyTown05:50 Looney Tunes (Hannah Barbera), Tortoise Wins By a Hare06:00 Paddington Bear, Bear Hugged

  • 06:00 Kroniki Shaolin06:25 Pora na przygodę!07:10 Jeźdźcy smoków: Obrońcy Berk07:40 Młodzi Tytani: Akcja!08:05 Pora na przygodę!: Pora na królewny12:50 Młodzi Tytani: Akcja!13:05 Ben 10: Omniverse13:30 Kroniki Shaolin14:00 Johnny Test15:35 NOWY! Steven Universe16:00 Młodzi Tytani: Akcja!16:20 NOWY! Totalna Porażka na Wyspie Pahkitew16:50 Jeźdźcy smoków: Obrońcy Berk17:15 Wujcio Dobra Rada17:45 Nowy! Niesamowity świat Gumballa18:00 Scooby Doo na wyspie Zombie19:25 Mixele: Mixed Up19:50 Pora na przygodę!20:05 Zwyczajny serial20:30 NOWY! Totalna Porażka na Wyspie Pahkitew21:00 Pora na przygodę!21:50 Zwyczajny serial22:40 Fantastyczna 423:05 Niesamowity świat Gumballa23:30 Robotboy23:55 Eliot Kid06:00 Kroniki Shaolin

  • 06:00 Steven Universe, Together Breakfast/Cat Fingers06:25 Angelo Rules, Stop the Experimental Music06:40 Angelo Rules, Scary Movie/Final Countdown/Thar He Blows!07:05 NEW! The Amazing World of Gumball, The Recipe, The/Puppy07:30 Teen Titans Go!, Terra-ized/Artful Dodgers08:00 Angelo Rules: The Candy Vault08:25 Angelo Rules: Brain Scrambler08:50 Angelo Rules: Bed Race09:20 Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, The Hodag of Horror09:50 Adventure Time, The Pods,The/Silent King10:15 Xiaolin Chronicles, Princess Kaila of the Thousand Layer Mountain10:40 Xiaolin Chronicles, Mi Temple, Mi Casa11:10 Ben 10: Omniverse, Store 2311:35 NEW! Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters, Prey12:05 Regular Show, Bet to Be Blonde/Skips Strikes12:30 DreamWorks Dragons: Defenders of Berk, A View to a Skrill - Part I13:00 The Amazing World of Gumball, The Boombox, The/Castle13:25 Adventure Time, Susan Strong13:38 Adventure Time, Mystery Train13:51 Adventure Time, Go With Me14:05 Regular Show, Karaoke Video/Stick Hockey14:30 Ben 10, Camp Fear15:00 Angelo Rules, Scary Movie/Final Countdown/Thar He Blows!15:25 The Amazing World of Gumball, The Mystery15:40 NEW! The Amazing World of Gumball, The Recipe, The/Puppy16:10 Steven Universe, Together Breakfast/Cat Fingers16:35 Teen Titans Go!, Terra-ized/Artful Dodgers17:00 Uncle Grandpa17:55 DreamWorks Dragons: Defenders of Berk, A View to a Skrill - Part I18:25 Adventure Time, The Pods,The/Silent King18:50 Ben 10: Omniverse, Store 2319:20 NEW! Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters, Prey19:45 Star Wars: the Clone Wars, Front Runners20:10 Star Wars: the Clone Wars, The Soft War20:35 Regular Show, Bet to Be Blonde/Skips Strikes21:00 Gormiti: Nature Unleashed!, All for One21:25 Eliot Kid22:15 Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes, Contest Of Champions22:40 Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes, Doom's Word Is Law23:05 Robotboy, Bowling For Dummies/Tween For A Day23:30 Robotboy, Donnie Turnbulls Day Off/Robomonkey Shines23:55 The Amazing World of Gumball, The Bumpkin00:05 The Amazing World of Gumball, The Microwave, The/Meddler00:30 Chop Socky Chooks, Chop Socky Whoops00:55 Chop Socky Chooks, Down the Drain01:20 Eliot Kid02:10 The Amazing World of Gumball, The Robot, The/Picnic02:35 The Amazing World of Gumball, The Microwave, The/Meddler03:00 Johnny Test, Johnny Holiday/Johnny Test: Monster Starter03:25 Robotboy, Donnie Turnbulls Day Off/Robomonkey Shines03:50 Regular Show, The Really Real Wrestling/Night Owl04:15 Adventure Time, Go With Me04:25 Adventure Time, Belly of the Beast04:35 Adventure Time, The Limit04:45 NEW! The Amazing World of Gumball, The Vacation05:00 The Amazing World of Gumball, The Prank05:10 Uncle Grandpa05:35 Teen Titans Go!, Real Magic/Puppets, Whaaaaat?06:00 Steven Universe, Bubble Buddies/Serious Steven

  • 06:00 Lots And Lots Of...06:15 My Animal Family06:30 Wild Life06:35 James the Cat06:40 The Jarmies06:55 Nouky & Friends07:00 Rubbadubbers07:10 MuMuHug07:15 Snapatoonies07:40 Clay Play07:45 Gombby's Green Island08:00 Bob The Builder08:10 Fireman Sam08:20 Thomas and Friends08:30 Bonny, Banana & Mo08:35 Wild Life08:40 Heroes Of The City08:55 Monkey See, Monkey Do09:05 What's The Big Idea?09:10 What's The Big Idea?09:15 Shapes09:25 Snapatoonies09:50 Nouky & Friends09:55 MuMuHug10:00 Brambly Hedge10:30 Brambly Hedge11:00 Barney And Friends11:25 Pingu11:30 Pingu11:35 Gombby's Green Island11:50 Bob The Builder12:00 Fireman Sam12:10 Thomas and Friends12:20 Bonny, Banana & Mo12:25 Heroes Of The City12:40 Igloo-Gloo12:55 Monkey See, Monkey Do13:05 What's The Big Idea?13:10 What's The Big Idea?13:15 Shapes13:25 Lots And Lots Of...13:40 My Animal Family13:55 Wild Life14:00 James the Cat14:05 Pingu14:10 Pingu14:15 Gazoon14:20 Kipper14:30 Gombby's Green Island14:45 Angelina Ballerina15:00 Bob The Builder15:10 Fireman Sam15:20 Thomas and Friends15:30 Bonny, Banana & Mo15:35 Monkey See, Monkey Do15:45 Igloo-Gloo16:00 What's The Big Idea?16:05 What's The Big Idea?16:10 Heroes Of The City16:25 Barney And Friends16:50 Shapes17:00 Brambly Hedge17:30 Brambly Hedge18:00 Heroes Of The City18:15 What's The Big Idea?18:20 What's The Big Idea?18:25 Monkey See, Monkey Do18:35 Gombby's Green Island18:50 Barney And Friends19:15 Pingu19:20 Pingu19:25 Noksu19:30 Noksu19:35 Shapes19:45 Dragon20:00 The Magic Key Adventures20:10 Jakers! The Adventures Of Piggley Winks20:35 What's The Big Idea?20:40 What's The Big Idea?20:45 Heroes Of The City21:00 Angelina Ballerina21:15 Bob The Builder21:25 Fireman Sam21:35 Thomas and Friends21:45 Bonny, Banana & Mo21:50 Monkey See, Monkey Do22:00 Gazoon22:05 Kipper22:15 Igloo-Gloo22:30 Lots And Lots Of...22:45 My Animal Family23:00 Wild Life23:05 James the Cat23:10 Barney And Friends23:35 Pingu23:40 Pingu23:45 Gazoon23:50 Kipper00:00 Gombby's Green Island00:15 Angelina Ballerina00:30 Bob The Builder00:40 Fireman Sam00:50 Thomas and Friends01:00 Bonny, Banana & Mo01:05 Monkey See, Monkey Do01:15 Igloo-Gloo01:30 What's The Big Idea?01:35 What's The Big Idea?01:40 Heroes Of The City01:55 Shapes02:05 Gombby's Green Island02:20 Kipper02:30 Gazoon02:35 Pingu02:40 Pingu02:45 Angelina Ballerina03:00 Bob The Builder03:10 Fireman Sam03:20 Thomas and Friends03:30 Bonny, Banana & Mo03:35 Heroes Of The City03:50 Igloo-Gloo04:05 Monkey See, Monkey Do04:15 What's The Big Idea?04:20 What's The Big Idea?04:25 Shapes04:35 Kipper04:45 Pingu04:50 Bob The Builder05:00 Fireman Sam05:10 Gazoon05:15 Heroes Of The City05:30 Igloo-Gloo05:45 Gombby's Green Island, 20-09-201406:00 Lots And Lots Of...


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