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Petak, 18. travnja 2014.
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Nogometna mozgalica

Srijeda, 04 travnja 2012 10:03
[miš] - pratite igru

Jeste li ikada zbog nogometa preskočili domaću zadaću? Pa, vrijeme je za ovu igricu koja kombinira fiziku sa nogometom, znači cilj je da korištenjem znanja iz fizike ugurate loptu u gol preko više razina igre.

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TV program - Dječji

  • 07:58 First baby songs08:01 Birthday Series08:04 Paint me a Story08:09 First baby songs08:10 Hippa Hippa Hey08:16 Lily & Pepper08:22 Happy to Be Baby Album08:24 Yoyo the Magician08:30 Mr. Snail08:35 First baby songs08:37 Big Bugs Band08:41 Kenny and Goorie Meet Friends08:47 1,2,3 Tell a story08:52 Popiz08:58 Let's Dance08:59 Charlie and the Numbers09:05 Bim&Bam09:10 Birthday Series09:13 Baby giants09:19 First baby songs09:21 Cuddlies09:27 Stick with Mick09:33 Walter & Dude09:38 Tiny Beats09:43 First baby songs09:44 Tulli09:46 Tipa Tupa09:52 Jammers09:58 First baby songs10:01 Crafty Rafty10:05 In the Giggle Park10:09 Hippa Hippa Hey10:17 First baby songs10:19 Oliver10:25 Small Talk10:28 Baby art10:33 First baby songs10:35 Paint me a Story10:39 Billy Bam Bam10:46 Play Time10:51 First baby songs10:52 Hungry Henry10:58 First baby songs11:00 Baby Hood11:06 Mitch Match11:11 Let's Dance11:13 Draco11:16 Who's it? What's it 2?11:22 Happy to Be Baby Album11:23 Tricky Tracks11:30 Mr. Snail11:35 First baby songs11:37 Big Bugs Band11:41 Kenny and Goorie Meet Friends11:47 1,2,3 Tell a story11:52 Popiz11:57 Let's Dance11:59 Charlie and the Numbers12:06 Bim&Bam12:09 Birthday Series12:13 Baby giants12:20 Cuddlies12:26 Stick with Mick12:31 Walter & Dude12:37 Tiny Beats12:42 First baby songs12:43 Tulli12:46 Tipa Tupa12:52 Jammers12:58 First baby songs13:01 Crafty Rafty13:04 In the Giggle Park13:09 Hippa Hippa Hey13:17 First baby songs13:18 Oliver13:26 Small Talk13:28 First baby songs13:30 Baby art13:36 First baby songs13:37 Paint me a Story13:42 Billy Bam Bam13:49 Play Time13:54 Hungry Henry14:00 First baby songs14:01 Baby Hood14:07 Mitch Match14:11 Let's Dance14:13 Draco14:17 Who's it? What's it 2?14:22 Happy to Be Baby Album14:23 Tricky Tracks14:30 Mr. Snail14:35 First baby songs14:37 Big Bugs Band14:41 Kenny and Goorie Meet Friends14:47 1,2,3 Tell a story14:52 Popiz14:56 Let's Dance14:58 Charlie and the Numbers15:06 Bim&Bam15:10 Birthday Series15:13 Baby giants15:20 Cuddlies15:25 Stick with Mick15:31 Walter & Dude15:37 Tiny Beats15:41 First baby songs15:43 Tulli15:46 Tipa Tupa15:52 Jammers15:58 First baby songs16:01 Crafty Rafty16:04 In the Giggle Park16:09 Hippa Hippa Hey16:17 First baby songs16:18 Oliver16:26 Small Talk16:28 First baby songs16:30 Baby art16:36 First baby songs16:37 Paint me a Story16:42 Billy Bam Bam16:48 Play Time16:53 Hungry Henry16:59 First baby songs17:01 Baby Hood17:06 Mitch Match17:11 Let's Dance17:13 Draco17:17 Who's it? What's it 2?17:22 Happy to Be Baby Album17:23 Tricky Tracks17:30 Charlie and the Numbers17:36 Walter & Dude17:42 Pim & Pimba17:48 First baby songs17:50 Baby Farmer17:55 Nico & Bianca18:00 Hungry Henry18:07 First baby songs18:08 Oliver18:16 Snowies18:22 First baby songs18:23 Mr. Snail18:28 First baby songs18:30 Baby Hood18:36 Draco18:38 First baby songs18:41 Egg Birds18:45 First baby songs18:48 Tricky Tracks18:53 First baby songs18:55 Billy Bam Bam19:01 Stick with Mick19:06 Popiz19:12 Big Bugs Band19:16 First baby songs19:19 Cuddlies19:25 First baby songs19:28 Kids & Pets19:32 Birthday Series19:34 Paint me a Story19:40 Hippa Hippa Hey19:47 Lily & Pepper19:53 Happy to Be Baby Album19:54 Yoyo the Magician

  • 06:20 THAT'S SO RAVEN06:45 A.N.T. FARM07:05 JESSIE07:30 SHAKE IT UP07:55 Austin & Ally08:15 A.N.T. FARM08:40 Good Luck Charlie09:05 SUITE LIFE ON DECK09:25 Jessie09:50 THAT'S SO RAVEN10:15 HANNAH MONTANA FOREVER10:35 HANNAH MONTANA FOREVER11:00 WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE11:25 WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE11:45 A.N.T FARM12:10 JESSIE12:35 Dog with a Blog13:00 Good Luck Charlie13:25 Mako Mermaids13:50 Austin & Ally14:10 Violetta15:00 Dog with a Blog15:20 Good Luck Charlie15:40 Cars Toons15:45 Liv And Maddie16:10 JESSIE16:30 Austin & Ally S316:50 Disney Mickey Mouse shorts16:55 Mako Mermaids17:20 Violetta18:05 Liv And Maddie18:30 JESSIE18:50 DOG WITH A BLOG19:15 Mako Mermaids19:40 Austin & Ally20:00 SHAKE IT UP20:25 A.N.T FARM20:50 GOOD LUCK CHARLIE21:10 WolfBlood21:35 WolfBlood22:00 Violetta22:50 ART ATTACK23:15 ART ATTACK23:40 WolfBlood00:05 WolfBlood00:30 Violetta01:20 ART ATTACK01:45 ART ATTACK02:10 JUNGLE JUNCTION02:20 JUNGLE JUNCTION02:35 JUNGLE JUNCTION02:45 JUNGLE JUNCTION03:00 ART ATTACK03:25 ART ATTACK03:50 MOUK04:00 Austin & Ally04:25 Austin & Ally S304:40 Cars Toons04:45 Suite Life On Deck05:10 Suite Life On Deck05:35 A.N.T. FARM05:55 A.N.T. FARM

  • 06:00 Paddington Bear, Paddington's Sticky Situation06:20 LazyTown, Secret Agent Zero06:45 Pink Panther And Pals - Elements, Spaced Out/Shop-Pink Spree07:00 Firehouse Tales07:25 Bananas In Pyjamas, The Trickisaurus07:40 The Garfield Show, Curse Of The Were-dog/Meet The Parents08:10 Tom & Jerry Kids - Elements08:20 LazyTown, Sportacus Who?08:50 Bananas in Pyjamas, The Little Bird, The/Holiday, The/Art Show09:20 Krypto The Superdog, Face Time/Catopia09:45 Cartoonito Tales, Jack and the Beanstalk10:00 Tom & Jerry Kids - Elements10:10 Paddington Bear, Paddington's Sticky Situation10:35 LazyTown, Zap It!11:00 Pink Panther And Pals - Elements, Pink Beard/One Small Step for Ant11:15 Baby Looney Tunes, Eggs-traordinary Adventure Pt. 211:40 Bananas in Pyjamas, The Ducklings11:55 Firehouse Tales12:20 Krypto The Superdog, Iguanukkah Pt 1/Iguanukkah Pt 212:50 Tom & Jerry Tales, Which Witch/I Dream of Meanie/Zent out of Shape13:15 The Garfield Show, Mother Garfield/High Scale13:40 Animaniacs, De-Zanitized/Monkey Song, The/Nighty Night Toons14:10 Tom & Jerry Kids, Flippin' Fido/Dog Daze Afternoon/Toys will by Toys14:25 LazyTown, Records Day14:50 A Pup Named Scooby-Doo, Ghost Who's Coming to Dinner15:15 Dexter's Laboratory, Shoo, Shoe Gnomes/Lab Of The Lost15:34 Droopy: Master Detective16:00 Duck Dodgers, Invictus Interruptus/Pet Peeved16:30 The Jetsons, Boy George17:00 The Flintstones, Sheriff for a Day17:35 Tom & Jerry Tales18:00 Taz-Mania, Antenna Dilemma/Autograph Pound18:25 Scooby Doo Where Are You!, Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Werewolf18:55 Tom & Jerry19:05 Cartoonito Tales19:08 Tom & Jerry19:20 Pink Panther and Pals, Picka Caardvark/Make Pink Not War/Pink Stink19:40 The Garfield Show, Pup in the Pound/Jon's Night Out20:10 Animaniacs, De-Zanitized/Monkey Song, The/Nighty Night Toons20:35 Tom & Jerry Kids, Flippin' Fido/Dog Daze Afternoon/Toys will by Toys21:00 Paddington Bear, Paddington's Sticky Situation21:20 LazyTown, Secret Agent Zero21:45 Pink Panther And Pals - Elements, Spaced Out/Shop-Pink Spree22:00 Firehouse Tales22:25 Bananas In Pyjamas, The Trickisaurus22:40 The Garfield Show, Curse Of The Were-dog/Meet The Parents23:10 Tom & Jerry Kids - Elements23:20 LazyTown, Sportacus Who?23:50 Bananas in Pyjamas, The Little Bird, The/Holiday, The/Art Show00:20 Krypto The Superdog, Parrot and the Pirates, The/Robbie's Return00:45 Cartoonito Tales, Little Red Riding Hood01:00 Tom & Jerry Kids - Elements01:10 Paddington Bear, Bear Hugged01:35 LazyTown, Prince Stingy02:00 Pink Panther And Pals - Elements, Aard Fu/Pink's Peak02:15 Baby Looney Tunes02:40 Bananas In Pyjamas, Amy's Package02:55 Firehouse Tales03:20 Krypto The Superdog, Krypto's Scrypto: Parts 1 & 203:50 Tom & Jerry Tales04:15 The Garfield Show, Odie in Love/Curse of the Cat People04:40 Animaniacs, Yakko's World/Cookies for Einstein/Win Big05:10 Tom & Jerry Kids, My Pal/Prehistoric Pals/Marvelous Marvin05:25 LazyTown, Robbie's Greatest Misses05:50 Looney Tunes, The Wacky Wabbit Date Run06:00 Paddington Bear, Bear Hugged

  • 06:00 Angelo rządzi06:25 Tom i Jerry06:35 Amazing World of Gumball, The - Elements07:10 Młodzi Tytani: Akcja!07:35 Tom i Jerry07:40 Johnny Test08:05 Garfield Show08:35 Ben 1010:35 Chowder11:25 Ben 1012:20 Chojrak - tchórzliwy pies12:40 Looney Tunes Show13:05 Co nowego u Scooby’ego?13:30 Tom i Jerry13:55 Amazing World of Gumball, The - Elements14:20 Jeźdźcy smoków14:50 Młodzi Tytani: Akcja!15:15 Johnny Test15:45 Garfield Show16:10 Angelo Rules - Season 216:25 Angelo rządzi16:35 Looney Tunes Show17:00 Amazing World of Gumball, The - Elements17:40 Jeźdźcy smoków18:10 Total Drama World Tour19:00 Scooby-Doo! I Brygada Detektywów19:25 Ben 10: Omniverse19:50 Pora na przygodę!20:15 Tom i Jerry20:20 NOWY! Zwyczajny serial20:35 Ed, Edd I Eddy21:00 Krowa i Kurczak21:05 Pora na przygodę!21:55 NOWY! Zwyczajny serial22:10 Zwyczajny serial22:45 Laboratorium Dextera22:55 Fantastyczna 423:20 GORMITI: NATURE UNLEASHED!23:50 Krowa i Kurczak23:55 Niesamowity świat Gumballa06:00 Angelo rządzi

  • 06:00 Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, The Treasure Island Of Dr. MacLean06:25 Johnny Test, Dial J for Johnny06:40 MARATHON MIX - Johnny Test08:50 Adventure Time, Finn Meets His Hero/Loyalty to the King09:20 DreamWorks Dragons: Riders of Berk, Defiant One09:45 Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, Dark Night of the Hunters10:10 The Looney Tunes Show, It's a Handbag10:40 The Amazing World of Gumball, The Pressure, The/Painting11:05 Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, Perplexahedron11:30 Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, The Forge of Creation12:00 Dexter's Laboratory, Double Trouble/Barbequor/Changes12:30 Regular Show, Muscle Mentor/Trucker Hall of Fame13:00 Adventure Time, Heat Signature/This Mortal Folly13:25 Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, Cheese A-Go-Go13:50 My Gym Partner's A Monkey, An Inconvenient Goof14:05 The Secret Saturdays, Kur Stone, The- Part 214:30 The Life & Times of Juniper Lee, Who's Your Daddy?15:00 Looney Tunes (Hannah Barbera), Naughty But Mice15:15 Angelo Rules, Detention/Cat Box/Yakking It Up15:40 Johnny Test, Johnny Goes Viral15:55 Johnny Test16:05 Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, The Treasure Island Of Dr. MacLean16:30 Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, Gates of Gloom17:00 DreamWorks Dragons: Riders of Berk, We Are A Family Part 117:30 Ben 10: Omniverse, Blukic and Driba Go to Mr. Smoothy's18:00 Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Kidnapped18:30 Young Justice, Revelation18:55 Batman: The Brave and The Bold, The Eyes of Despero!19:20 The Looney Tunes Show, It's a Handbag19:45 The Amazing World of Gumball, The Laziest, The/Ghost20:10 Regular Show, Big Winner/Access Denied20:35 Adventure Time, Finn Meets His Hero/Loyalty to the King21:00 Angelo Rules, Brush Off, The/Little Romance, A/Mission: Frog21:25 The Scooby Doo Show, A Menace in Venice21:50 Chop Socky Chooks, Appalling 1322:15 Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes, Shell Games22:40 Johnny Test, Johnny Goes Viral22:55 Johnny Test23:05 Robotboy, C.H.O.P/Destroy All Robots23:30 Eliot Kid, The Mission Earth/Flying Carpet23:55 Tom & Jerry00:00 Chop Socky Chooks, In Your Dreams00:25 My Gym Partner's A Monkey, Frog Principal, The/Meet the Spidermonkeys00:50 The Amazing World of Gumball, The Authority, The/Virus01:15 Regular Show, It's Time/Appreciation Day01:40 Dexter's Laboratory, Star Spangled Sidekicks/TV Super Pals/Game Over02:05 Eliot Kid, The Frog Prince, The/Buried City02:35 The Scooby Doo Show, Scared a Lot in Camelot03:00 Johnny Test, Here Johnny, Here Boy/Johnny Applesauce03:25 Robotboy, Donnie Turnbulls Day Off/Robomonkey Shines03:50 Gormiti: Nature Unleashed!, The Fifth Stone04:20 Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes, My Neighbor Was A Skrull04:45 Samurai Jack05:10 The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, Over The Moon/100 Percensus05:35 Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, The Wild Brood Date Run06:00 Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, Grand Chef Auto

  • 06:00 Bob The Builder06:10 Fireman Sam06:20 Thomas and Friends06:27 Thomas and Friends06:35 Barney And Friends07:00 Bonny, Banana & Mo07:05 My Animal Friends07:20 Heroes Of The City07:35 Noksu07:40 Noksu07:45 Monkey See, Monkey Do07:55 Wobbly Land08:00 What's The Big Idea?08:05 James the Cat08:10 MuMuHug08:15 MuMuHug08:20 Dragon08:35 Wild Life08:40 Wild Life08:45 Monkey See, Monkey Do08:55 Wobbly Land09:00 What's The Big Idea?09:05 James the Cat09:10 MuMuHug09:15 MuMuHug09:20 Dragon09:35 Bonny, Banana & Mo09:40 My Animal Friends09:55 Heroes Of The City10:10 Monkey See, Monkey Do10:20 Snapatoonies10:45 Shapes10:52 Shapes11:00 Bob The Builder11:10 Fireman Sam11:20 Thomas and Friends11:27 Thomas and Friends11:35 Pingu11:40 Pingu11:45 Angelina Ballerina12:00 Noksu12:05 Noksu12:10 The Jarmies12:25 Shapes12:32 Shapes12:40 Monkey See, Monkey Do12:50 Barney And Friends13:15 Bonny, Banana & Mo13:20 Wild Life13:25 My Animal Friends13:40 Lots And Lots Of...13:50 Bob The Builder14:00 Fireman Sam14:10 Thomas and Friends14:17 Thomas and Friends14:25 Wobbly Land14:30 What's The Big Idea?14:35 Heroes Of The City14:50 Pingu14:55 Pingu15:00 Angelina Ballerina15:15 Monkey See, Monkey Do15:25 Barney And Friends15:50 Shapes15:57 Shapes16:05 Bob The Builder16:15 Fireman Sam16:25 Thomas and Friends16:32 Thomas and Friends16:40 The Jarmies16:55 Noksu17:00 Noksu17:05 Bonny, Banana & Mo17:10 Wild Life17:15 My Animal Friends17:30 Lots And Lots Of...17:40 Kipper17:50 Monkey See, Monkey Do18:00 Jakers! The Adventures Of Piggley Winks18:25 Noksu18:30 Noksu18:35 Nouky & Friends18:40 Nouky & Friends18:45 Heroes Of The City19:00 What's The Big Idea?19:05 The Magic Key Adventures19:15 Pingu19:20 Pingu19:25 Gazoon19:30 Gazoon19:35 Monkey See, Monkey Do19:45 Snapatoonies20:10 Kipper20:20 Nouky & Friends20:25 Nouky & Friends20:30 Jakers! The Adventures Of Piggley Winks20:55 Heroes Of The City21:10 What's The Big Idea?21:15 The Magic Key Adventures21:25 Pingu21:30 Noksu21:35 Noksu21:40 Gazoon21:45 Gazoon21:50 Monkey See, Monkey Do22:00 Bonny, Banana & Mo22:05 Wild Life22:10 My Animal Friends22:25 Lots And Lots Of...22:35 Barney And Friends23:00 Bob The Builder23:10 Fireman Sam23:20 Thomas and Friends23:27 Thomas and Friends23:35 Kipper23:45 Heroes Of The City00:00 Pingu00:05 Pingu00:10 Angelina Ballerina00:25 Shapes00:32 Shapes00:40 Monkey See, Monkey Do00:50 Barney And Friends01:15 Kipper01:25 The Jarmies01:40 Bob The Builder01:50 Fireman Sam02:00 Thomas and Friends02:07 Thomas and Friends02:15 Angelina Ballerina02:30 What's The Big Idea?02:35 Pingu02:40 Pingu02:45 Barney And Friends03:10 Monkey See, Monkey Do03:20 Bob The Builder03:30 Fireman Sam03:40 Thomas and Friends03:47 Thomas and Friends03:55 Kipper04:05 The Jarmies04:20 Pingu04:25 Pingu04:30 Shapes04:37 Shapes04:45 Angelina Ballerina05:00 Barney And Friends05:25 Kipper05:35 Monkey See, Monkey Do05:45 The Jarmies, 17-04-201406:00 Bob The Builder


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